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International Tax and Transaction

Providing resources for and protecting our international business clients

We understand the importance of dreaming without borders and achieving success without geographical restrictions and we know the issues a corporation can encounter as they operate or try to expand for global operations are significant.  Vandenack Weaver LLC is here as your resource to negotiate and navigate these complex and sophisticated issues.  Our international law practice will explain and manage the uniqueness of international law and cultural differences to ensure your success is realized.  Our lawyers are equipped to provide quality international legal service and our firm's use of technology allows us to keep our overhead and costs low for our clients, while giving us the ability to provide top-quality representation to ensure your corporation is successful in its international business opportunities.  Let us put our knowledge and skills to work for you.  We can help you achieve success!

Who we represent

We represent clients nationally and internationally in many focus areas, including but not limited to:

  • Corporate formation, merges, acquisitions & restructures 
  • International securities and transactions
  • International trade
  • International finance and taxation
  • International contracts
  • International transactions
  • Private equity/venture capital
  • Joint venture structures

 What we focus on

We understand every corporation is unique and every transaction is integral to your success. While we help you realize your business goals, our goal is to ensure our international clients operate in compliance with all national and international laws and regulations, protecting you from litigation. We will construct your contracts and business agreements with your future in mind to protect your longevity and increase your capital. We will guide you through annual tax filings meeting both national and international requirements. Our experience in regularly drafting, reviewing, and negotiating agreements for the purchase and sale of assets, and other services within the industry will ensure the quality of advice you receive. Our practice to stay continually involved with worldwide procedures, changes, and proposed adaptions will ensure you always have the most current advice and knowledge of any future change with enough time to adequately prepare your business.

In addition, we provide clients with risk management services, as well as strategic tax and business planning advice geared towards reducing their costs and maximizing their revenues. However, if going to trial should become necessary, you can feel confident that our lawyers have the experience to secure the best possible results.

Dedication. Innovation. Results.

Call Vandenack Weaver LLC at 402.504.1300 or contact the firm online to schedule a consultation regarding your international law issues. From our office in Omaha, the firm represents clients in Nebraska, Iowa, throughout the United States, and internationally.



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